Georgia Rotary Student Program Amanda Christiansen of Denmark was particularly impressed to attend the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Tournament Saturday and followed the play of Amalie Leth-Nissen, the only Danish golfer in the field who happened to be playing with Anna Davis, the winner.

Christiansen walked most of the course, including the famous Amen Corner (holes No. 11, 12 and 13) as well as holes 15 and 16. She sampled both the signature sandwiches, pimento cheese and an egg salad, plus bought herself a hat and additional souvenir items for her family. She was disappointed that the famous peach ice-cream sandwich was not available this year. She enjoyed the visit and said it inspired her to consider taking golf lessons.

The Rotary Clubs of Thomson, Washington Wilks, Martinez Evans and Columbia County sponsor Christiansen, who attends Augusta University. She arrived in Georgia in January for a shortened participation in the program as she experienced delays in obtaining her visa as a result of the Covid pandemic.

“My time in Augusta has truly been amazing!” Christiansen declared. “My host clubs and families have welcomed me with open arms and invited me to a bunch of fun activities throughout this spring semester.

“The GRSP program has granted me the privilege to be immersed in the American society and culture, which has taught me a lot, not only about the U.S. but myself as well.”

She learned about GRSP from a family’s acquaintance who had a daughter and a niece both of whom received a one-year scholarship from GRSP.

“Both had a great experience with the program and being told about their year with GRSP, I was immediately sure that I would love to be part of the program if I was selected,” Christiansen said.

“It is wonderful to experience and be part of the American society, culture, and everyday life. The GRSP scholarship is as a fantastic opportunity to build an understanding of the USA that reaches beyond the medias’ portrayal of the stereotypes and extremes. I am also making friends from around the world.”

She will return to Copenhagen this summer and said she will miss also the time spent with her hosts Kim Bragg, Billy Stuckey, Steve and Daphne Albertson plus Greg and Suzanne Honeymichael along with GRSP Trustee Bruce Wright and his wife Maureen.

Christiansen said her family has always enjoyed traveling and exploring the world together. When she was younger, her family lived in India for a couple of years, where she attended an international school.