What to Expect after being accepted into the GRSP Program

For students that have been accepted, it’s important to know what to expect next. Below are the 10 key steps in the process of getting you here to Georgia.

  1.  Applicants submit GRSP Application Online
  2. Application Acknowledged from GRSP Office and supplemental forms completed and submitted by Applicant
  3. Host Clubs/Trustees review applications and select Applicants
  4. Scholarship Invitations Extended to chosen Applicants
  5. Applicants Accept Scholarship
  6. Applicants submit applications to Colleges/Universities chosen by their sponsoring Rotary Club(s)
  7. College Acceptances Received by Applicants and initial Visa application materials are submitted
  8. Contact with Trustees and Host Families 
  9. Visas are issued
  10. Travel to USA to begin GRSP Journey