I’m from Hungary, a small town on the southeast Great Plain, close to the Romanian and Serban border, called Hodmezovasarhely (Beaverfieldmarketplace); however, it is the second largest community in Hungary areawise. I grew up there and left the town for college three years ago. The town is real nice, a real agricultural community, also known as the Farmer’s Paris for its sense for arts. The first traces of inhabitants lead us back to 2000 BC. Now, the main industries are agriculture, pottery, machines, and sanitary products.

I grew up in a family of three with my parents. I went to elementary and high school in my hometown, but as I mentioned, I left it for college in Budapest. My parents always tried to provide me everything I would need for my education and improvement, but at the same time, they always thought me to be independent and have my own opinion about things. They never forced me into anything, but told their points so I could evaluate.

During my school years, I developed a compassion for building military models and dioramas probably on the example of my cousin. I also played basketball all my life and swam. Fortunately, here I had the chance to learn some other sports to play, such as tennis and golf.

I’m answering a question of Buddy Watts about what I eat, what are my favorite foods. I eat everything that I’ve never tried, and I like them, too. (There is no such thing as favorite for me in the category of food.)

In the States, I’m attending Augusta State and I’m taking mainly advertising, marketing, and sports classes just to keep my round shape. And what I like about America/Georgia? I like the people, the attitude most and after that is almost everything. I really do. I don’t like the traffic and the drivers who are ignorant and don’t use their indicators or just simply don’t care about others in the road. But it’s the same everywhere, so it’s not only American.

Adam Janko


Class of 2005 – 2006