Anne-Lise Boyer-Naar was a member of the Class of 1991-92 and was selected as one of 13 students to represent GRSP and Georgia Rotary at the Rotary International Convention in Orlando; Anne-Lise speaks 5 languages. She attended the University of Georgia, majoring in media and broadcasting. Upon returning to Paris, she was selected for a job with the U.N. out of 500 applicants, largely because of her GRSP experience. In September 1995, she was married to Frederic Naar and lives in Milan, Italy.

Dear Ronnie [Waller, former GRSP chairman],

I am speaking to you on behalf of all the GRSP students, who benefited from your excellent chairmanship, and in the name of all the poor students who will have to deal with a Tech Chairman from now on.

Thank you for contributing so greatly in making our Program one of the finest in the world. Thank you for being open and available to all of us, regardless of how busy your two billion commitments made you. God knows how hard committed men are to find nowadays!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make informed choices about our studies, our careers, and ourselves. Some came as underwater basket-weaving students and left as convinced golf players. Thank you for the best year of our lives, so far, and for all the wonderful memories we brought back home, along with tons of books, Braves memorabilia, GRSP pins and extra pounds.

Thank you for allowing us to meet great people from all over the world, overcome lots of preconceived ideas about them (by the way, we French girls DO shave our legs), and make lifelong friends out of quite a few of them. Because of GRSP, there were 12 nationalities represented at my wedding last year!

The GRSP program is made up of many special people who wish to give students of the world the opportunity of getting some of the best education available, while learning to appreciate the wonderful South, and its fried chicken and grits (that last one was a tough ordeal for most of us).

You were the one who coordinated everybody’s efforts and allowed the Program to grow and flourish. Dear Ronnie, you made the most out of your years as GRSP Chairman, just as we made the most out of our year in Georgia. For this, and all the great things you, your fellow Rotarians and all the people involved with the Program accomplished.

“Merci Beaucoup… We Love You… Go Dawgs…!”

Anne-Lise Boyer-Naar


Class of 1991-92