Trustees and Directors

Who Are the GRSP trustees?

GRSP is managed by a dedicated group of Georgia Rotarians who devote time and energy to the program without any reimbursement. In addition to the four officers named above, there is a District Chair, two Director Trustees, and several Trustees, each responsible for several Rotary clubs in each district.

There are Advisory Trustees who bring particular talents to GRSP, such as encouraging individual Rotarians to financially support the Endowment Fund or serve on one of the various committees that make GRSP function smoothly. The state is divided into three districts.

The past District Governor, the current District Governor, and the incoming District Governor for each district also serve as Director Trustees. There is an excellent paid professional staff in the Savannah home office who handle the daily routine work of the program. Without the devotion and commitment of this staff, the program could not operate. More than 60 individual Rotarians are involved in running this fine program to ensure its continued success.      

Download the Trustee Roster