Conclave | Lake Lanier Islands

GRSP Celebrates 76 Years
Aug. 19-20, 2022

All Rotarians, host families, GRSP Leadership, Trustees, Staff, Emeritus members, former Trustees, friends of GRSP plus alumni are invited to attend. All meetings, dinners and events will be held at The Legacy Lodge. GRSP Class of 2022-23 Students will be registered for Conclave by GRSP and be hosted/housed by area Rotarians. Attendees will pay for their rooms and other amenities at Lake Lanier Islands. Reservations closed for Conclave on August 1.

Click GRSP CONCLAVE AGENDA for weekend events and schedule.

Click GRSP WEEKEND HOSTS CONCLAVE 2022 AGENDA for details. There are many opportunities for a ‘family getaway” ranging from water slides, golf, boating, etc… on your free time during the Conclave.